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HMI in Malaysia

HMI in Malaysia

HMI in malaysia, touch screen, 

Hardware Features, HMI in malaysia

Standard USB and SD Memory card Multiple PLC brands connectable Multigual Support HMI in malaysia

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SDE Series Features

  • Cost-effective, small size, lightweight and high quality AC Servo Drive and Motor with excellent performance

  • The high-resolution Japanese Nikon & Tamagawa 22-bit (4,194,304 pulse / laps) encoder ensures excellent accuracy and high stability at low speed.

  • The 1.2kHz speed offers excellent performance with frequency response.

  • Stable speed and low torque fluctuation

  • Low and medium inertia engine models (Low inertia / Medium inertia)

  • 50W ar2kW (1-phase / 3-phase 220 VAC), 3kW (3-phase 220 VAC) power range

  • The automatic high frequency vibration suppression function reduces resonance and reduces vibration.

  • Small engine dimensions provide easy installation and installation.

  • The internal position control function (PR Mode) offers the user low cost and flexibility.

  • Multiple control functions (64 steps program, Position editing, +/- limit setting, 35 types of home rotation, absolute position) and Index (turret) function

  • Motor cable designs (750W and below) to the shaft or to the shaft

  • High engine speed up to 6000 rpm (750W or less)

  • Optional Absolute Encoder motor, battery and battery box to keep position in power failure

  • Fast and accurate automatic load inertia ratio calculation function with shorter adjustment time

  • Operating Modes: Position Control, Speed ​​Control and Torque Limitation

  • Position Control Mode Features: 
    - External pulse (PT) and Internal register (PR) positioning modes 
    - Line Driver (4 Mbps high speed, 500 kpps normal speed) and Open Collector (200 kpps) pulse input 
    - CW / CCW, Pulse + Direction , A / B-phase pulse input command types 
    - Low pass filter / Linear / S curve smoothing settings 
    - Multiplier / Divisor Electronic Gear Ratio or 1-turn / pulse constant value can be defined 
    - Define torque limit with internal parameter or external analog input

  • Speed ​​Control Mode Features: 
    - External analog voltage (± 10VDC) and Internal Register command input types 
    - Low pass filter / Linear acceleration-deceleration curve / S curve smoothing settings 
    - Internal parameter or external analog input torque limit

  • Torque Limitation Mode Features 
    - External analog voltage (± 10VDC) command input 
    - Low pass filter smoothing adjustment 
    - Internal parameter or external analog input speed limit

  • Adjustable multi-function Digital Input (10 pieces), Digital Output (6 pcs) and Analog Input (2 pcs), Analog Output (2 pcs) signals

  • RS-485 Modbus and USB mini communication interface

  • SH Servo Soft offers real-time Auto Tuning, Status Monitor, Oscilloscope function, Parameter Management, Reporting ... etc features with user-friendly powerful PC software.

  • Protection class: Motor IP65, Driver IP20

  • CE, UL, RoSH compliance

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