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Frequency inverter in Malaysia, Inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia

frequency inverter in Malaysia, inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia, wide range of inverter in Malaysia, contact us today, we have many brands in stock with the most competitive pricing in Malaysia


SE3 Series Features

  • Advanced function, high performance AC motor drive 
    1-phase / 220V   0.4 ~ 2.2kW 
    3-phase / 440V   0.4 ~ 22kW

  • NPN / PNP digital input selection

  • Built-in RS-485 (RJ-45)

  • Modbus ASCII / RTU

  • V / F control, Closed loop V / F control (VF + PG), General Flux vector control, Sensorless vector control (SVC), Closed loop vector control (FOC + PG), Torque control (TQC + PG)

  • Asynchronous (IM) motor and PM motor (SPM & IPM) control

  • 0 ~ 1500Hz high speed output frequency

  • Overload capacity: 150% to 60 seconds; 200% 3 seconds

  • 200% starting torque at 0.5Hz (Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) operation)

  • RFI filter jumper for noise suppression on all models

  • Low noise carrier wave control (Soft-PWM)

  • Built-in PU302 portable keypad. It provides parameter setting, monitoring, parameter copying and recording via the adjustment wheel.

  • Built-in brake chopper on all models

  • Multiple I / O Terminals: 6 DI (1ad pulse input), 3 DO (1ad Relay, 1ad Transistor, 1ad pulse output), 2 analog inputs, 1 analog output

  • Operating frequency can be controlled by PWM pulse input signal

  • Built-in PLC function: PLC ladder programming software for easy programming with 21 basic commands and 14 application commands

  • Encoder PG cards options (Open-Collector, Line-Driver, Resolver)

  • Communication card options (CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Ethernet, EtherCAT)

  • Spring printed control terminal blocks

  • Strong protection features: Output short circuit, Over current, Over voltage, Low voltage, Over temperature, IGBT over temperature, Abnormal communication and so on.

  • Removable and easy to clean cooling fan

  • PG301C and PG301L encoder cards support line driver and open collector pulse input

  • IP20 protection class

  • CE approved

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