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Frequency inverter in Malaysia, Inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia

frequency inverter in Malaysia, inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia, wide range of inverter in Malaysia, contact us today, we have many brands in stock with the most competitive pricing in Malaysia

SC3 Series(1).jpg

SC3 Series Features

  • Compact AC drive ideal for general purpose applications

  • 0 - 650 Hz frequency output

  • V / F and General Magnetic Vector Control selection

  • Built-in keypad

  • Ease of use with the adjustment wheel on the panel

  • Output short circuit, over current, over voltage, low voltage, over temperature, abnormal communication, etc. protection functions

  • 0-10V or 0-5V / 4-20mA analog input type selection (AVI / ACI)

  • NPN / PNP digital input selection

  • Built-in cooling FAN

  • 4 digital inputs, 1 analog input and 1 relay output

  • Internal RS485 connection port (RJ-45 jack type and screw terminal type)

  • Modbus ASCII / RTU or Shihlin communication protocol selection  (up to 115200 bps)

  • 150% 60sn and 200% 1sn overload current ratio

  • 180% at 3Hz in general vector control operation, 200% starting torque at 5Hz

  • Fixed Torque, Variable Torque and Five Point Curve V / F characteristic

  • 1 phase 1.5 kW and above, 3 phase 2.2 kW and above models with built-in brake chopper

  • Built-in RFI Filter and jumper that effectively suppress electromagnetic noise

  • Low-Frequency Noise

  • Gorgeous Vibration Resistance

  • Intelligent damping circuit and element matching 
    effectively reduce the low induction voltage by 50%

  • Easy installation and connection

  • DIN rail mountable

  • Dust and gas oil coating and insulated air duct

  • 2 kinds of parameter setting option (group or parameter mode)

  • External keypad connection from RS485 interface

  • DC braking feature

  • PID control

  • Side-by-side mounting under 40 degrees

  • Password protection

  • IP20 protection

  • CE approved

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