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SDE Series Features

  • Cost-effective, small size, lightweight and high quality AC Servo Drive and Motor with excellent performance

  • The high-resolution Japanese Nikon & Tamagawa 22-bit (4,194,304 pulse / laps) encoder ensures excellent accuracy and high stability at low speed.

  • The 1.2kHz speed offers excellent performance with frequency response.

  • Stable speed and low torque fluctuation

  • Low and medium inertia engine models (Low inertia / Medium inertia)

  • 50W ar2kW (1-phase / 3-phase 220 VAC), 3kW (3-phase 220 VAC) power range

  • The automatic high frequency vibration suppression function reduces resonance and reduces vibration.

  • Small engine dimensions provide easy installation and installation.

  • The internal position control function (PR Mode) offers the user low cost and flexibility.

  • Multiple control functions (64 steps program, Position editing, +/- limit setting, 35 types of home rotation, absolute position) and Index (turret) function

  • Motor cable designs (750W and below) to the shaft or to the shaft

  • High engine speed up to 6000 rpm (750W or less)

  • Optional Absolute Encoder motor, battery and battery box to keep position in power failure

  • Fast and accurate automatic load inertia ratio calculation function with shorter adjustment time

  • Operating Modes: Position Control, Speed ​​Control and Torque Limitation

  • Position Control Mode Features: 
    - External pulse (PT) and Internal register (PR) positioning modes 
    - Line Driver (4 Mbps high speed, 500 kpps normal speed) and Open Collector (200 kpps) pulse input 
    - CW / CCW, Pulse + Direction , A / B-phase pulse input command types 
    - Low pass filter / Linear / S curve smoothing settings 
    - Multiplier / Divisor Electronic Gear Ratio or 1-turn / pulse constant value can be defined 
    - Define torque limit with internal parameter or external analog input

  • Speed ​​Control Mode Features: 
    - External analog voltage (± 10VDC) and Internal Register command input types 
    - Low pass filter / Linear acceleration-deceleration curve / S curve smoothing settings 
    - Internal parameter or external analog input torque limit

  • Torque Limitation Mode Features 
    - External analog voltage (± 10VDC) command input 
    - Low pass filter smoothing adjustment 
    - Internal parameter or external analog input speed limit

  • Adjustable multi-function Digital Input (10 pieces), Digital Output (6 pcs) and Analog Input (2 pcs), Analog Output (2 pcs) signals

  • RS-485 Modbus and USB mini communication interface

  • SH Servo Soft offers real-time Auto Tuning, Status Monitor, Oscilloscope function, Parameter Management, Reporting ... etc features with user-friendly powerful PC software.

  • Protection class: Motor IP65, Driver IP20

  • CE, UL, RoSH compliance

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