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Frequency inverter in Malaysia, Inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia

frequency inverter in Malaysia, inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia, wide range of inverter in Malaysia, contact us today, we have many brands in stock with the most competitive pricing in Malaysia

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SA3 Series Features

  • High Performance FOC Vector Control Technology

  • 3 phase 440V supply and wide power range: 
    - 0.75kW - 355kW heavy load (HD) 
    - 1.5kW - 400kW normal load (ND)

  • High Overload Capacity:
    - 150% 60s and 200% 3sn with advanced overload resistance capacity. (Heavy Load - HD)

  • High Start Torque:
    - Sensorless Vector control (SVC) 150% at 0.3Hz, Closed Cycle Vector control (FOC + PG) 180% at 0Hz. Heavy load (HD)

  • High Response Performance: 
    - Ideal for applications with sudden load changes such as crane and metal working machines with speed accuracy of less than 1% in load range 0% to 100%. Heavy load (HD)

  • Temporary reception in voltage drop

  • Regeneration protection functions

  • Low noise carrier wave control (Soft-PWM)

  • High performance synchronous motor control technology

  • LCD Operation Panel:
    - 6 sets of working data monitor, Calendar 
    - English and Chinese language option 
    - 3 set parameter registration, built-in Adjuster wheel support.

  • Supports Multiple Control Modes for Different Applications:
    - Internal position control, torque control, speed control and blood pressure control functions. 
    - Position controls such as home positioning, zero servo control and single axis position control mode can be performed. (Using PG301C, PG301L, PG302L)

  • Multiple I / O Terminals: 10 pcs DI (1ad pulse input), 5 DO (2ad Relay, 2ad Transistor, 1ad pulse output), 3 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 1 security switch (S1-SC)

  • Control methods: 
    - V / F control, Closed loop V / F control (VF + PG), General Flux vector control, Sensorless vector control (SVC), Closed loop vector control (FOC + PG), Torque control (TQC + PG)

  • Built-in PLC function: PLC ladder programming software for easy programming with 21 basic commands and 14 application commands.

  • Phase failure, short circuit, earth leakage, low voltage, motor overheating (PTC) signal, electrolytic capacitor life kısa .. etc. such as advanced protections.

  • All series have built-in RFI filters.

  • 0-650.00 Hz output frequency range

  • RS-485 modbus communication with 2 integrated RJ-45 ports

  • Asynchronous (IM) motor and PM motor (SPM & IPM) control

  • PID control

  • Optional Profibus / Devicenet / CANopen / Ethernet Communication, I / O expansion and PG cards   

  • Built-in brake chopper: available internally on the SA3-043-22K / 30KF and six models.

  • Protection class: IP3 / NEMA Type 1 on SA3-043-22K / 30KF and below models IP00 / UL Open Type

  • CE approved

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