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Frequency inverter in Malaysia, Inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia

frequency inverter in Malaysia, inverter in Malaysia

Frequency inverter in Malaysia, wide range of inverter in Malaysia, contact us today, we have many brands in stock with the most competitive pricing in Malaysia


SS2 Series Features

  • Flux Vector Controlled Compact AC Drive

  • Built-in Keypad, easy frequency and parameter setting with adjustment wheel

  • Internal RS485 connection port (RJ-45 jack type)

  • Modbus ASCII / RTU or Shihlin communication protocol selection

  • Supports multiple inverter connections with internal link control function

  • 0 - 650 Hz frequency output

  • Can be mounted on DIN rail inside the panel with side-by-side mounting feature

  • NPN / PNP digital input selection

  • 6 digital inputs, 1 relay and 1 transistor output multiple function terminals

  • 0-10V and 4-20mA supports 2 analog inputs

  • V / F, General Flux Vector Control

  • Auto Tuning function

  • 150% at 3Hz in general Flux Vektor control operation, 200% starting torque at 5Hz

  • 32-bit RISC CPU for high-speed processing

  • Soft-PWM function to eliminate engine noise and prevent the AC drive from warming up

  • Built-in RFI Filter and jumper that effectively suppress electromagnetic noise

  • Built-in Energy saving control function

  • Cooling fan operation selection function

  • PID feedback control function

  • Triangular wave function for traverse and winding applications

  • Operating frequency can be controlled by PWM pulse input signal

  • Programmable operation mode (PO)

  • Equipped with electrical network switching mechanism

  • Screwless spring-loaded control terminal connection

  • Detachable and easy to clean cooling fan (excluding 400W)

  • 60% 150% and 1 second 200% overload current ratio

  • Built-in brake chopper (all models)

  • Password protection

  • IP20 protection

  • CE approved

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